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 Adaia Marina ; Adaia Restaurant/ Bar/ Lounge; Adaia Bakery; Adaia Library; Adaia Boutique; Adaia First Aid ; Adaia Art; Adaia Routes; Adaia Farming 


The Experience / mise- en- scene

Hidden in a remote coast embedded between majestic hills overweening  the Cleopatra's Bath;  under shades of century old olive trees leaving flashes of light on the carefully orchestrated flowers Adaia resembles to a picturesque market with hideaways festooned with lilac wisterias, oriental jasmine stocks and all around handmade baskets layered with citrus fruits and fresh herbs as tymian and mint.Setting variations from traditional to a twist of daringly modern ; opposed as styles and proportions.
Minimalism clashed together with subtly chosen opulent interieurs, bold and energetic colors within a sustained natural environment.

İmmerse yourself in the sensual elegance of Adaia, incorporating this orchestra of sound, taste and scents …

Venture curiously a- passanger- alike to hidden pathways leading you secret beaches and ancient ruins occasionnaly accompanied by goat tribes and old tray donkeys .

Indulge yourself in the serenity aspiring the breeze of the wind chilling you in the heat of the summer.

Sit back and relax in shady spots feeling the movement of the leaves and listening to the chresths of the waves

Listen to the laughter of the crowds gathered together in the restaurant or
remote yourself at the sand- beach,  for reflection or introspective meditation.

Gather together  at the bar for living effortlessly the moment, 
or ....

Fall head into the bed of pillows in bold colors in the Pavillon, childlike playful for an innate ease.