The Synaesthesia of  Nature and Nurture... 


Nature is life in its essence, its science, its inspiration, its religion, its purpose, its freedom.....Its Breath.

Nurture is not just breathing, eating, drinking; its in a broader and deeper understanding feeling, sharing, thinking, reasoning in its various nuances, covering all sensations as seeing, smelling,touching, tasting and hearing.

...therefore, its Depth.

and maybe even vice versa.


As one single sentence of Leo Tolstoy can fill us with joy and satisfaction, so may a violin concerto by Niccolo Paganini.

As the chaotic gesture/action paintings by Jackson Pollack may evoke sadness and frustration so does a requiem by Henryk Gorecki...and further on. 


 ...for breath and depth,

 in every gesture and move,

 in every sound and action,

 with every experience.