The Diary

On these pages, we wish to provide you an introspective about the life on the island.

Starting with a short flashback about how we started, we will pursue with the report about our current and upcoming works, innovations, initiatives and decisions, shortly all the news, that a guest would like to know and might be interested of. 

The purpose of ''the diary" is to share with you our stories, sometimes observatory, sometimes poetic or maybe  fantastic, wether its about the rain, the stars, the animals, our farming experiences, botanical ideas or basic facts about the restaurant, cultural events, artistic endeavours, scheduled organizations, charity programs, anything we sense worth to mention, within our perception, awareness and horizons.

Behind the idea is keeping you attached, while informed and entertained in the hope to make everyone part of the various facades of life in the Island and a part of our personal world.

We also feel free to recommend you books, songs, articles, talks, films, scientific research, exhibitions shortly everything we find appealing  and inspiring within the scope of our mind setting.




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