An important  and cherished feature of  Adaia is that it is located on an half island filled with historical sites, a path of the ancient lycian trade route is surpassing the island. Since centuries all kind of civilizations as Lycians have chosen to settle down in these picturesque sites. Historical data suggest that located around Adaia was an important ancient olive market. The natural and historical value of this landscape, the maintained charming beauty of the natural flora as well as the sea, with its underwater fish reserves.  In order to prioritize and moreover preserve this indigenous culture and nature, we wish to establish an awareness of the inherent communal and sacred value of the land water and sky and with the help of multidisciplinary research and educational outreach..We will be  hopefully in future more competent in promoting and engaging in sources of initiative. Our intention in using bioregional design strategies for creating a  sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystem will be our main goal and prioritized in the following days and years  to come. We started with the attainment and maintenance of water resources and shared our water reserves with the villages and coasts around, providing water areas for the goats and animal tribes in the forests around (ask for reference ). In future, we aim to conserve precious water reserves and make grey water systems.

In the topic of energy acquisition and storage we implemented a strategy of clean energy reliance, therefor we preferred the use of solar technologies, which will be updated in terms of needs.(reference 2).

We work currently on the design of organic polyculture and farming and food production and we are striving to integrate these in a manner, compatible with and non-disruptive of the local bioregions (climate, habitats, indigious species) to the maximum effect of biodiversity. As far it is possible we aim to produce food and other goods locally;as a surplus of which may provide a basic for the alliance in the rural community in and around Dalaman.

As you may read in the chapter "policies" another main topic of interest is recycling and waste management; so far, we strive for reducing, reusing and recycling waste and we kindly ask for collaboration in this matter as we need a better understanding and worthshipping of this very important topic.

The main ideal set in here is establishing the balance between nature and human culture by consciously realizing its bidirectional dependence .Our paradigm is therefor to create a self-sufficient, organic ecosystem with the best of intentional community practices and  human culture and  scientific knowledge.


We believe that  the greater we  collectively and inherently value our basic resources the easier will it be to  attain our ideal, as a high degree of our broader initiative to appreciate and and value the earth.