The only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein


An underestimated way of knowing and learning is by conversations...

Kids have a unique and unborn ability to communicate and to share ... even with strangers...with a smile, their most precious toys, by  playing games, by expressing emotions and thoughts,easily and in an uncomplicated  way ... that is why we cherish their presence, their wishes and their rules the most. Regarding them as our mentors of kindness.

They do easily break the boarders of anonymity, that we adults sometimes strive to maintain, ironically.

The most exciting challenge of what we call humanity is kindness, that we might shape by the direction of conversations ..

Conversations are paramount for not just creating interconnectedness but also peace and thus makes us to get aware of the beauty of our diversity; physically, mentally and spiritually..  

Its by conversations with strangers and others how we learn to respect; its by mixing voices with our own,  we can get to achieve to turn our individual lives into an original work of art. 

Adaia sets stage for a reunion of nature, history and human culture, while you are in it and part of it.

We kindly invite you to experience  over-soul, sincere, childlike conversations with all strangers in Adaia.


As our sharing is targeted to be  bidirectional your recommendations ,your topics, your creative ideas  and  your contributions are mostly welcome .if you would like to share your recreational ideas please do not hesitate  to address your thoughts in an application form to our creative team.