• About Adaia

    About Adaia

    The meaning of Adaia in Turkish is' to the island', this is how the shepherds for decades named this landscape.  'Adaia is nestled in a hidden bay, surpassed by the ancient Lycian way which is a long-distance footpath in Turkey around part of the coast of ancient Lycia, overseeing Cleopatra’s cave, characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions; a great concourse of phantasmagoric shadows. 

  • Eat & Drink

    Eat & Drink

    Charmingly set at the seaside for comfortable tranquil dining at night or a nonchalant breakfast in a market-like setting, eating the freshly baked bread from the stone oven. You might collect your eggs in the chicken farm in the backyard and maybe sleek into the organic garden...  Adaia chefs offer to meet specialties, a Mediterranean fish menu, traditional lahmacun, and pizza by the stone oven.

  • Library


    The library is the heart of Adaia in which to remote, reset, reflect and recollect or just read... Meticulously chosen books in ceiling-high monumental bookshelves in the core of transparent glass cubes clashed around exquisite puristic furniture. In the spine of the library, the stone wall is enriched with contemporary art pieces, putting a contemporary twist on tradition. 

  • Beach


    A beach experience, beyond the usual.
    Immersed in Gocek’s unspoiled nature, Adaia Beach is situated in the beautiful Hamam Bay, surrounded by grand oaks and century-old olive trees.  The turquoise waters are crystal clear, inviting you for a refreshing dip.
  • Lounge


    At the Lounge surrounded by tropic plants,  you can sit back and relax or meditate on the voluptuous and colorful pillows or divert yourself in playful activities.

  • Boutique


    Adaia Boutique carries a variety of designers, both local and international. From swimsuits to beach bags, and sundresses to jewelry, you’ll find everything that will make you feel summer fabulous.


The Synaesthesia of Nature and Nurture... 

Hidden in a remote coast embedded between majestic hills overweening Cleopatra's Bath;  under shades of century-old olive trees leaving flashes of light on the carefully orchestrated flowers, Adaia resembles a picturesque market with hideaways festooned with lilac wisterias, oriental jasmine stocks and all-around handmade baskets layered with citrus fruits and fresh herbs as thymian and mint.
Setting variations from traditional to a twist of daringly modern; opposed as to styles and proportions.
Minimalism clashed together with subtly chosen opulent interiors and bold and energetic colors within a sustained natural environment.
Immerse yourself in the sensual elegance of Adaia, incorporating this orchestra of sound, taste, and scents.

Events and Organizations

Here are some ideas for the making of your organizations at Adaia.  

Plan your wedding or post-wedding party for your fancy friends with more than just dancing and music; dressed in Casablanca attire so that the party is in full mood as guests arrive ...

On gorgeous summer days call all distressed metropolitans for daytime activities, from amateur sailing regattas to aftermath sessions with massage therapists to mixologists- and with or without a mobile cryo unit or two steps out for boot camps, hikes, and competitive game day!  Post hoc a  Champagne Entree complete with infused gummy bears or toasting with bubbly-infused Italian ices or Popsicles after dinner as an enchanting reward. 

Make a bohemian dinner party surrounded by lush flowers, like clematis vine–inspired florals, overgrown on pergolas from ceiling to floor... rustic tables overfilled with a trendy combination of florals of fruit: such as pomegranates, grapes, oranges combined with jasmine, irises, marigolds, and wisteria. Dress Code: Men in florals, Women in crochet and lace stapled vintage gowns.

Call your friends for a Hippie- Indie -Folk-inspired Festival by the long sand beach, within colorful and lustrous silk flags and pillows of ethnic embroidery ... sandalwood smell in the air, unplugged life music in your ears, and hot tastes from the grill in your mouth.

Retreat with your girl- band for a health-conscious weekend and chillax with yoga,  Ayurveda assisted smooth exercise, and healing treatments, proceeded with a late lunch with locally sourced organic ingredients, beautifully presented simple food followed by night meditation and swimming. 

Challenge the levels of communication with a multidisciplinary / brainstorming /business lunch for gentlemen dressed casually in the Bermudas, topping the serious slash ironic nonchalance with a  mini-performance from Mozart's Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

Make a dream come true for you and your kids and their friends with tracking, camping, farming, and cooking activities within nature and more without technology, as less is always more.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your ideas and we will assure you that we will do our best to fulfilling your dreams...


An important and cherished feature of Adaia is that it is located on a half-island filled with historical sites, a path of the ancient Lycian trade route is surpassing the island. For centuries all kinds of civilizations as Lycians have chosen to settle down in these picturesque sites. Historical data suggest that located around Adaia was an important ancient olive market. The natural and historical value of this landscape, the maintained charming beauty of the natural flora as well as the sea, with its underwater fish reserves. In order to prioritize and moreover preserve this indigenous culture and nature, we wish to establish an awareness of the inherent communal and sacred value of the land water, and sky with the help of multidisciplinary research and educational outreach... We will be hopefully in future more competent in promoting and engaging in sources of the initiative. Our intention in using bioregional design strategies for creating a  sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystem will be our main goal and prioritized in the following days and years to come. We started with the attainment and maintenance of water resources and shared our water reserves with the villages and coasts around, providing water areas for the goats and animal tribes in the forests around (ask for reference). In the future, we aim to conserve precious water reserves and make greywater systems. On the topic of energy acquisition and storage, we implemented a strategy of clean energy reliance, therefore we preferred the use of solar technologies, which will be updated in terms of needs. 

We work currently on the design of organic polyculture and farming and food production and we are striving to integrate these in a manner, compatible with and non-disruptive of the local bioregions (climate, habitats, indigenous species) to the maximum effect of biodiversity. As far as it is possible we aim to produce food and other goods locally; as a surplus which may provide a basis for the alliance in the rural community in and around Dalaman.

As you may read in the chapter "policies" another main topic of interest is recycling and waste management; so far, we strive for reducing, reusing, and recycling waste and we kindly ask for collaboration in this matter as we need a better understanding and worth shipping of this very important topic.

The main ideal set in here is establishing the balance between nature and human culture by consciously realizing its bidirectional dependence. Our paradigm is therefore to create a self-sufficient, organic ecosystem with the best of intentional community practices and human culture and scientific knowledge.

We believe that the greater we collectively and inherently value our basic resources the easier will it be to attain our ideal, as a high degree of our broader initiative to appreciate and value the earth

Dalaman Culture Art and Nature Association

We are happy and proud to inform you that we have established Dalaman Culture, Art and Nature Association chaired by Psychiatrist Dr. Rahşan Düren in order to gather culture, nature, and art activities that we started this year in Adaia Göcek. The first activity of our association took place on May 11 and was hosted by Prof. Dr. Lütfü Tokatlıoğlu, Chairman of the Department of Ottoman History at Harvard University. Lütfü Hodja gave a very interesting conference about Ottoman-Russian relations and revealed examples from unknown archives followed by a landscape installation by Dr. Rahsan Düren, with art pieces exposed in plain nature. Collateral to the 26. Istanbul Jazz Festival hosted by Aydin Esen, Tommy Campbell, and Greg Jones of Aydin Esen Group. The concert of these musicians who are considered to be among the American jazz giants was on July 6, 2019, in Adaia. Our next activity was the concert of another world-famous singer -Nik West on her World Tour 2019. She is known in America as the “female Lenny Kravitz”. She was chosen as the most talented bass player at the 2018 Montreaux Jazz Festival and played in the band of the famous singer Prince. The band's performance was again at Adaia on July 12. Besides cultural activities we applied “Blue Flag” and “Green key” to create an ecofriendly environment not only to initiate and maintain a protective responsibility for the sea, the coast but also the surrounding nature. Associated with this aim we are about to finalize a detailed mooring project for the Wall bay for the regeneration of the endangered underwater life. We are invited to present this project and our logic of intervention in March 2020 to the Commission of the European Community in Brussels. This pilot project incorporates innovation in infrastructure, protection of the natural …. and Last but not least we are excited to inform you that our kid's visitors will have a plant school that will give cheerful educational activities on the protection of nature, biology, philosophy, and mathematics. aiming to increase our kid's awareness and create responsibility for a peaceful world. While we expect all our friends to participate in our activities, we also wish them to join our association.
Dr. Rahşan-Mete Düren