Adaia Gocek

The meaning of Adaia in Turkish is' to the island', this is how the shepherds for decades named this landscape.

Adaia is nestled in a hidden bay, surpassed by the ancient Lycian way which is a long-distance footpath in Turkey around part of the coast of ancient Lycia, overseeing Cleopatra’s cave, characterized by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtapositions; a great concourse of phantasmagoric shadows. The mountains rise steeply from the rocky coast, giving beautiful views and varied walking alternatives. Lycian graves and ruins abound on the peninsula and the Lycian way passes about 25 remote historical sites. That is to say, this land is full of historical mysteries hidden from all. Besides, Adaia is a small art of living space and can be only reached via the sea route, it provides a pier for the docking of boats, nevertheless, you can reach Adaia by tracking the Lycian way.
The natural environment is plunged by “idiosyncratic plants” –hundred-year-old olive trees, grand oaks-that lend character to the landscape and harmless free-wild animals such as goats and donkeys.

To our way of thinking, people should come and see this sleepy corner of paradise, since we inter-breath with trees, we drink from seas, they are part of our body and no one never read about these plants and animals in any book as tending to nature gives life a purpose and meaning.

So, you are very welcome to be our guest and experience this unique nature and history.