The Restaurant

 Charmingly set at the sea side for comfortable tranquil dining at night  or a nonchalant  breakfast in a market like setting, eating the freshly baked bread from the  stone oven. You might collect your eggs in the chicken farm at the backyard and may be sleek into the organic garden...  Or join unpretentious comfort at lunch under the shades of olive trees smelling the different flavours of sage, mint and basilicum, layered in pots around,  while fruit baskets overfilled with  citrus and grapes catch your gaze. Adaia chefs offer meet specialties, a mediterranean fish menu  traditional lahmacun and pizza by the stone oven. For sweet  escapades join the bakery and taste the  delicious cakes or traditional baklava,  or cool down with hand made sorbe's.   

The Bar

The Adaia bar, where the music gets loud, the art is neon and the waiters wear straight jackets,  offers international cocktails and drinks.  Take your time for  a quick espresso while opening the pages one of the classic books disposed alongside the bar counter.