Opening Times

We are open throughout the year, each day from 7 a.m. in the morning until 1 a.m. in the morning. The bread oven opens at 7 a.m., fresh bread is served latest at 8 a.m.

The Bar is open from 11 a.m. in the morning until 3 a.m. the next day, at varying times upon request.   


Sound, Music, and Lights

For keeping the bay and the serene environment relaxing and peaceful we reduce the lighting around 12 p.m. We do not higher the volume over an acceptable level; for you to enjoy the pure nature, stars and listen to the sounds of nature. 


Winter in Adaia (from November to April)

Adaia is open in the winter seasons. The Restaurant will be open. The service at the dock and in the restaurant will be provided with a reduced staff capacity and updated on an as-needed base. The Bakery and the Boutique will remain closed due to seasonal conditions. The library will be opened just for special occasions and private events. CONTACT OUR TEAM FOR RESERVATIONS AND QUESTIONS.


Our  Insurance Program


RULES AND RECOMMENDATIONS:  For ensuring and endorsing the safety and the well-being of our guests all rules are primarily set for the needs and are in service to guide all of us; the professionals as well as our visitors, for facilitating a harmonic community living style.

We outlined earlier in chapter 'projects' our targets and objectives in terms of preserving and protecting our natural resources.

Therefore, we wish to count on your genuine collaboration to establish a professional and effective organization and to prevent any ambiguity about how particular situations/issues should be handled.

We would love to encourage you to open a dialogue about our environmental topics and recommendations regarding safety and life in Adaia. Our employees will be pleased to inform you about our rules and recommendations for Adaia. 


As we do value the dignity of humankind, we do not allow any kind of indecent, inappropriate, unsafe, or unkind behavior to our guests and to our employees. We will do our best in trying to create a peaceful atmosphere by providing constructive solutions for preventing and restoring crisis situations.


We monitor the use of water at the dock and at the beach. Do not wastewater. The use of water at the showers is regulated by time-span intervals and is limited.

We collect rainwater for farming and the nutrition of the plants.

Do not take natural resources for granted and do not forget that we share our water resources with the forest. its wild habitat, the plants,  the animals, and the little villages around. 

Cultural Programs

Rules and Recommendations for planned events may differ regarding content and context, they will be tailored specifically for each organization and handed out in the written form.


We monitor, manage and reduce our use of energy, therefore, lights are turned off around 12 o'clock at night at the restaurant and the beach. 

Furthermore, due to the use of alternative energy technology,  Adaia might face from time to time energy acquisition problems. We do apologize for the inconvenience in advance. 


Toilets are closed for cleaning from 2 am. to 7 am.

Pollution Control

Avoid pollution of the environment.

You are mostly welcome helping us collect solid waste wherever it's detected in and around Adaia and on the Lycian way.

We just do permit the use of purely eco-friendly chemicals for cleaning etc. We do not permit the use of any kind of chemicals for cleaning at the dock and at the showers on the beach.

Forest  Safety Rules

Do not through cigarette butts in the forest.

It is strictly forbidden to lit fire at the beach or elsewhere in the forest.

The wild habitat  around Adaia; Please be aware that you may encounter wild animals on your tracking route  (such as snakes, wild pigs, foxes, etc.)

Waste Management

We have strict waste management rules; We collect, transport, recycle and composite the waste produced in Adaia. We do not feel responsible for the wastes produced on the boats in the bay. The Municipality of Dalaman provides containers for waste collection. Please ask for their location. 

Where possible, we endeavor to source materials locally, from responsible suppliers with an emphasis on recycled, recyclable, or sustainable products. Therefore, we reduce the use of disposable non-recycled products (such as packaging paper, etc).


Security Rules / Recommendations  in and for Adaia

All Posted Rules & Regulations are to be followed.



  • No outside food and drink are allowed on or to be consumed at the restaurant and the bar.
  • Children should be supervised at all times. For safety reasons try to guide your kids not to run or play activities in the restaurant
  • Keep your dog leashed in the restaurant. Try to bring your own food dish and water bowl or ask for one of our pet-friendly dishes. Try to have your dog sit under or as close to the table base as possible to reduce the chances of your waiter tripping over your pet. 
  • Please inform your server if you have food allergies. We will be happy to accommodate you.
  • Please wear proper cloth while sitting in the restaurant.
  • Kids love to play in the lounge area, still, this area is a space for adults as well. We kindly ask you to guide your kids not to remove the pillows from their original spots.

Pets and other Animals: 

We are animal friendly but you are kindly requested to adhere to the following rules;

  • All pets must be under voice restraint at all times.
  • Pet owners are responsible for collecting and removing their pet’s waste.
  • Pet owners are responsible for their pet’s behavior at all times.
  • Please do not touch and feed animals living in the natural environment of Adaia such as goats, donkeys, and chickens.


Swimming- Water Activities and The Beach: 

You are always very welcome to catch some rays, swim all day, play in the sand, walk the shore, feel the breeze, relax and reflect, enjoy yourself at the beach, but should obey the following rules;

  • No lifeguard on duty- swim at your own risk.
  • No glass or breakable objects on the beach.
  • Showers are available at the beach but no soap or shampoo is allowed and does not waste the water.
  • Children are under the responsibility of their parents. No child under the age of twelve is to be left unattended. Bubbles, water wings, rafts, and other floating devices are prohibited. The safety of your family is important to us.
  • The administration will not be responsible for any personal accident or theft negligence.
  • No throwing of sand or rocks.
  • Fishing is not permitted on the beach.
  • Do not push off, flip off or swim under the rafts.
  • Please do not touch live animals, including mussels.
  • Littering is prohibited.
  • Open water swimming is not permitted.
  • Overnight sleeping on the beach is not allowed.


The Library

The Library values a dynamic, interactive environment, a space for art and books. While it is not intended to be an absolutely quiet place, it is one that provides an atmosphere conducive to reading.

  • Visitors exhibiting inappropriate behavior in the Library facility may be asked to leave the library.
  • Visitors are required to wear shirts and shoes/sandals/flip-flops while in the library. 
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the library.
  • The use of any tobacco product is prohibited in the library.
  • Solicitation is prohibited on library property.
  • A visitor, who is defacing, damaging, or destroying library property will be held responsible for the damage and we will ask for the reimbursement of the damaged item. If the visitor is a minor the child’s parent can be required to reimburse the library for the value of the damage caused by the child.